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I’ve been blogging for over 3 years on Medium. My only other experience is my lifetime of journal writings, which you can find on my publication Up Close and Personal.

I’m the owner of The Virago, a women’s publication I started in June, 2020 with a group of fantastic women writers with different perspectives. This pub is growing weekly with over 2K follower (as of this writing) and over 100 writers. I write a weekly newsletter for The Virago and if you’re interested in following, take a look here.

I recently started a publication which is more to my lifestyle…

The new “how to” for dehumanizing women in America

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As Texas has passed the controversial law to ban abortions after six weeks, without exceptions for rape or incest, other states have a new avenue to up their game and follow suit.

Guess which state has immediately jumped on the bandwagon?

That’s right, it’s Florida.

The frontrunner in unconscionable rhetoric is Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva.

Facing South Florida host Jim DeFede discussed on his show the abortion topic with Oliva. In that interview, Oliva referred to pregnant women as “host bodies.” If you want to watch that clip, I’ve included it below:

Oliva used “host body” five times

I have answers

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Whenever the topic of women’s oppression comes to the surface, men go on the rampage to ensure their rights stay intact. Suddenly it’s a national crisis if there’s a suggestion that men adhere to the same standards as applied to women.

I was recently in a group discussion (primarily men) discussing the men’s rights and responsibilities for impregnating women and how the new Texas Abortion Ban applies to them.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (note that he is male) signed into law Wednesday (September 1, 2021) a measure that would prohibit in Texas abortions as early as six weeks — before…

And it’s going to get much worse

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Since the Texas Heartbeat Bill passed in the State of Texas, we women are reeling over the constitutional right to have a choice over our bodies being taken away from us.

This constitutional right is new for us. Only a hundred years ago, not only did women not have the right to an abortion, they didn’t have the right to vote, serve on juries, or hold public office.

In the 19th-early 20th century, women were also not legally allowed to own land or have bank accounts. A woman could not sue someone since she didn’t have any individual court standing…

Even when I’m supposed to be having fun

Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

I didn’t want to play the game with everyone. I knew it was a bonding experience with no judgment, but still. I grew anxious and upset the closer the time came to play a group game of cornhole.

My husband and I went over to my brother-in-law’s house, joined with his wife. This couple is good at everything; they are the power couple you dream about. After retiring last year, they’re now living on three acres of land they’ve made into a luscious oasis.

My in-law siblings love entertaining and playing group games with their guests, friends, and family. It…

How she finally appeared in my late stage of life.

FYI, this is NOT me and my soul mother. Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

My neighborhood was experiencing a string of car break-ins, and I was trying to get to the bottom of it.

I’ve always felt safe in our area, so when I walked out in the middle of the night and found someone had just ransacked my car, I got on the Next Door app to see if anyone else was also experiencing this. My neighborhood is pretty active on the site, so I sent a message about the car break-in.

As I was scanning through the different pages, I sent out another message that my husband was a licensed and bonded…

I didn’t realize this until after I left my marriage

Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

I don’t ever remember my ex-husband doing anything for me, even if I asked him nicely. I didn’t dare. Otherwise, I’d get his wrath of narcissistic rage.

Make a task list for him? Absolutely not.

However, there was one time when I did ask for his help. He was getting ready to go on his annual deer hunting trip and would be gone for a week. I worked a full-time night shift job as a nurse at a hospital (back when the shifts were eight hours, not twelve). I was around 28 years old at the time.

My kids were…

When I ask them why they don’t leave

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If someone has never experienced intimate partner violence, it’s difficult to understand why a woman stays in an abusive relationship, even when she knows she’s being abused. Leaving may seem as simple as walking out the door. However, leaving abuse is not that easy.

Women have practical and valid reasons for staying; finances, increased safety risk, legal problems, or lack of support. An abused woman already knows the personal obstacles she will face from her abuser by leaving, more so than anyone else could possibly understand who aren’t in her position.

A woman in an intimate partner violence (IPV) relationship…

Time to get my dance on!

Photo by Junior REIS on Unsplash

When I was younger, I didn’t think much about my sex appeal, or if I was attractive or unattractive. I was athletic and exercised a lot. I didn’t overeat. My body never ached or caused me issues. I felt good in my body, and I just did my thing.

However, I did have people in my life who criticized my body. My mother told me my breasts were too small. My best friend’s mother told me I must have worms inside me because I was too skinny. On the other hand, my ex-husband told me I was too fat, and…

They prove that women can be discarded after being used by a man

Betty and Dan Broderick on their wedding day. Source: Facebook

Spoiler alert! The women don’t win in the movies discussed in this article.

Women are put through the ringer by society. And there are a few shows I’ve watched lately that portray how women can be destroyed by men.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve watched three shows, either a movie or miniseries, that captures the extremely darkest parts of our culture we must live in as women.

#1 Rape culture is a real thing. Women may go to extremes to punish the offender.

Promising Young Women is a movie about Cassie Thomas, who believes all men, even the “nice guy” is inherently misogynistic and prone to taking advantage of women. She is also enraged…

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