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  • Dr. Tiffany Jana

    Dr. Tiffany Jana

    Non-binary Top Writer in Diversity, Leadership, & Antiracism. Best-Selling Author, Pleasure Activist, B Corp Founder, TEDx, Inc.com Top 100 Speaker

  • A Unicorn Word

    A Unicorn Word

    Self Development & Creative writer focusing on ADHD, spirituality, and the competing push to break free! "I write because it makes me happy!"

  • Aimee Liu

    Aimee Liu

    Author, Asian-American novels (Glorious Boy), nonfiction on eating disorders (Gaining), writing, wellness. Published @Hachette. MFA & more@ aimeeliu.net

  • Lipedema Journal

    Lipedema Journal

    Spreading awareness about lipedema.

  • August Birch

    August Birch

    Indie Writer | Top 1,000 Medium Writer | Growth Strategies for Creators | Free, Tribe 1K Email Masterclass: bookmechanicmedia.com/your-first-1000-subscribers/

  • Jennifer N. Adams

    Jennifer N. Adams

    Author, Autism Mom, Anthropologist, US Navy Veteran. You can also find me: www.twistedcrowpress.com

  • Kristina God

    Kristina God

    Need help with writing on Medium? ⚡️ I’ll help you in a simple and fun way | Top 1,000 Writer | 20x Top Writer | Brand Manager | Coach | mail@kristinagod.com

  • Amana V. Arrington-Hunter

    Amana V. Arrington-Hunter

    Venting. Things aren’t always rosy. I stand up for myself. Like most ppl, I have trauma, except I’m dealing w/ mine. Writing tempers me. No advice wanted!!!!!!!

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