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I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years on Medium. My only other experience is my lifetime of private journaling. I’m still journaling and you can find my writing in my personal publication Up Close and Personal. My current project is 365 Days of Writing, journaling daily about life.

I also write about about women’s issues in our society, which include stories about my personal life and how we as women live our lives in this world. I’m also editor of The Virago, a women’s publication I developed this year.

Here are my all-time most-read stories:

Conversations With a Gaslighter

Woundology: Stop Using Your Past to Define Your Life

11 Jedi Mind Tricks to Change the Way You Think About Money

Am I Ready to Date? An Analogy of Four Women

I Don’t Believe in F.I.R.E. for Early Retirement

My Life as an Abused Wife

My publication, The Virago was started in June, 2020 with a group of fantastic women writers and different perspectives from those women. This pub is my baby, and I love watching it grow. I also write a newsletter every week for The Virago and if you’re interested in following, go here.

I’ve started a personal project called 365 days of writing. Every day I write freely about whatever’s on my mind during the day.

Thank you, my reader, for your interest in my writing. You can always get hold of me at mabjaqua@gmail.com

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Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago

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