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Michelle Jaqua
6 min readNov 15, 2020


Me and my husband in Bend, OR before COVID and before we got married ❤
  • Updated 8/4/23*

Welcome to my Medium page!

In 2018 I started posting my journal writings about divorce and being in a marriage of domestic violence. Then I started including women’s issues and advocacy- which are my passions. I’ve been featured on Newsbreak.com, tealfeed.com, and Yourtango.com, along with several other Medium publications. My blogs have been shared across the world.

Author’s image: The Original Virago logo.

In June 2020, I started a woman’s publication called The Virago. I reached out to women writers I admired and asked them to write in my pub. I even got brave and asked many top women writers to get involved. The response was overwhelming! I gathered a group of fantastic women writers with different perspectives, and from there, The Virago was born.

In February 2021, my area was hit by an ice storm, and I was shut in for over a week with no power. Do you know what I worried about the most? Publishing my writers’ articles on The Virago!

I realized I needed help. I reached out to my extra special, very favorite women writers in the pub and asked them to join me in running this publication.

The Virago now has close to 8K followers! (as of this writing) and over 100 writers. I recommend checking it out! The publication is here for our women readers for the love of writing — meaning The Virago editors don’t get paid or compensated in any other way. Now that is some dedication!

In January 2023, I handed The Virago to Suzanna Quintana, who now runs the publication. She updated the image (it’s so much better now!) and has her editing team. It was my passion project and my baby, and I’ve been so proud of how the publication has grown. So, why would I hand off a successful publication?

Well, I had other focuses…



Michelle Jaqua

Advocate for Women / Owner of Lipedema and Me and The Virago