Hi Jessica, I’m actually doing the opposite. I tried the small and intimate wedding…twice. Both marriages were disasters. I’m getting married for the third time coming this September, and I am having a goddamn traditional wedding with seventy-five guests, catered food, music, cake. The whole shebang. There’s a lot of guests mostly because my fiancé has a huge family. But most importantly, we chose this route because we wanted to share the love with each other with family and close friends. We are older, so we have the money. We wanted a party to celebrate. I’m a planner and love projects, and this the ultimate project, I’m loving it.

I understand it is one day, and it doesn’t make or break your marriage. My committment to my husband-to-be is more important. Working on creating a marriage that works well for us is more important. I’m not marrying him for the wedding, I’m marrying him because we love each other, we work well together and want to spend our lives together. It’s an extra bonus that there’s a ceremony and a big celebration with it!

Thank you so much, I love your writing!

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