I Can Tell You’re a Trump Supporter By The Way You Talk About The Coronavirus

Even if you think you’re being neutral

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Courtesy of: tiburi on Pixabay
  1. You say that the media is hysterical and making too much of a big deal about the virus. You’ve even called it a hoax by the Dems.
  2. You tell us that the coronavirus will “blow over.”
  3. You call it the “Chinese virus” or the “Kung-Flu.”
  4. You’re sure that COVID-19 will go away once the weather gets warmer.
  5. You insist the death rate is under 1%.
  6. You truly believe that you’ll get two $1000.00 checks from the government in two weeks.
  7. You don’t think getting checks from the Trump Administration without earning them is being a Socialist.
  8. You think that if you start getting a cough, you can go to your doctor and get a test.
  9. You compare the novel coronavirus deaths to influenza or to the number of Chicago shootings in the past year.
  10. You state that obesity is the real pandemic.
  11. You believe we are at war with an invisible enemy.

Written by

Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago

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