I completely agree! When I went to college, there wasn’t this intense pressure to get straight A’s. College was considered a place to experience life without being under the rule of your parents. Some kids sank (I was one of them). Some flied. Even though I didn’t get straight A’s, I achieved in actually completing college and establishing a career.

When you graduate high school, around age eighteen or so, you sometimes think you know what you want in life, but you haven’t really experienced life yet. Your brain is still developing. You haven’t been on your own. To keep your head down and on course with a plan at this age makes your mid-life crisis at age forty (or thirty, or fifty) more intense, as you finally look up one day and see that you aren’t living the life you really wanted.

I get it, there’s more people in the world now, it’ more competitive. College is wholly more expensive than it used to be. But, after college, people don’t ask if you got straight A’s. It’s more important that you learn about who you and do what you love. That’s when you will succeed.

Written by

Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago

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