Monday Mantras For February

Focusing on love and relationships

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Welcome to my Monday Mantras!

I’m doing mantras every Monday for this year, 2019. It’s a project close to my heart. I believe the first step to changing how you want to live your life is to change your inner dialogue. Positive self-talk is imperative to changing your mindset and creating a life that’s more in line with who you truly are on the inside.

Each month I’m focusing on a different subject. In January, since it’s the start of the year, focusing on body, health and self is on most people’s minds. The January mantras focused on your body, and how to look more positively at how you interact with yourself, how to nurture and care for your body and be being grateful for being you.

February shifts to love. Since Valentine’s Day is celebrated this month, you see the focus everywhere. My mantras this month will focus on love and relationships.

I develop mantras that go deeper. The words I choose work to create change for yourself. If you use them daily, you will change your inner talk and start shifting your thoughts towards what you want and deserve in your life. These mantras aren’t just some feel good stuff to read and move on. They are created for you, to use and make your life into one you want it to be. Work with them, use them, especially if one resonates with you. Not all of them will resonate, but there may be one that speaks to you. That’s the one to repeat to yourself and start making changes in your life.

I hope you enjoy the mantras. I post one every week. If you like them, you can subscribe to my series. Happy chanting!

Michelle Birge is a blogger on She writes to inspire people towards personal transformation and living a passionate life. You can find her blog here.

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Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago

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