oh wow there are so many lessons in this story, you could write a blog on every paragraph you have here. I am so sorry you had to witness a woman who was almost killed by her husband. Yet, I'm happy she came out alive and was able to find a partner and live her life after that trauma. She's my hero. Bless your mom for being a true friend and for saving her life.

On the other side, one of the most dangerous things a woman can do is leave her abusive husband. She puts herself at increased risk of getting killed when she leaves. Yes, it's important to leave, but it's also important to keep as safe as possible when doing this. A safety plan must be put in place and a Plan A, B, C, D should be there, because an abuser who has become violent (or even not YET violent) will feel they've lost control and will stalk and murder his partner for going against him. It's not just about the act of leaving. Leaving is a process in an abusive relationship and the goal is to get out alive.

Love your story, Emmanuella. Thank you.

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