Thanks, Bonnie Barton this is so right on! I graduated high school in 1984, and yes, each year of the ‘80’s had it’s own flavor. I remember dressing from Flashdance to Punk to Preppie all within three years. And the hairstyles! The only person I knew to sport the Flock of Seagulls style was my little brother.

I have to admit, I am NOT a Bruce Springsteen fan. I know, it seems un-American. But, I just can’t…

And to reiterate what Matthew Broyles commented; each decade had its own flavor from year to year. We were invited to a ‘60’s period birthday party last year, and were to dress from the sixties. I donned a groovy hippie outfit, only to get there and see everyone else dressed like Mad Men. Totally different!

Keep the music posts coming, Bonnie! I love your perspective.

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Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago

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