it hurts when we get blocked, especially when we don’t know why. For a person who expresses “compassion, empathy, and forgiveness”, sometimes they give without boundaries, get overwhelmed, then block at the slightest infraction. Maybe they have very strict boundaries in place that will keep them from pushing themselves too much and have a code to live by for themselves. Maybe they aren’t of the same mindset. Who knows? If they don’t reach back, it’s impossible to know.

I had a very good friend of eight years who stood up at my wedding reception last year and verbally destroyed me under the premise that it was supposed to be “funny”. (She is not a humorous person, just an awkward one). Afterwards, when I told her how much it hurt me, she blamed me and blocked me on social media and her phone number. A friendship of many years…gone. Sometimes you just have to be okay with it and move on, and it’s better to not have any more to do with that person.

Sorry you can’t read his blogs. I hope you’re not perpetuating your sadness by trying to continue a readership with him.

Btw, I love reading your articles.


Written by

Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago

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