Using Meditation as a Tool For a Career Change

The answers are already inside us

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Since the change in our world, many people have become unemployed from the shutdown. Some love their job and want to return to work. However, some of us have been dissatisfied with our career for quite a while and have been contemplating a career change.

Being away from a job — such as many are with social distancing and isolation — that our distastefulness may not have registered until we were away from it. We’ve seen that our careers were not satisfying us.

Or, we may like our job, but we want to advance our career and improve our life. However, we’ve been so caught up in day-to-day working that we hadn’t been able to take a breath to figure out how to change our worklife.

Now is the perfect time to sit back and examine what we really want to do with our job and our life.

How do we start?

With Mindfulness in the form of Meditation.

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Meditation is the tool towards being mindful in problem-solving for our future endeavors. It can help us become clearer with ourselves. Using this tool helps open our intuition to give us insights for our needed direction. The answers are inside us, but we must take time to look deep into our psyche to ask the questions, and then even deeper to find the answers.

If you’re looking at a career change or advancement, or even to be more successful in your freelance work, turning towards meditation may be a great way to open yourself up to a different vocation and pinpoint our focus on our purpose.

When you learn meditation and practice daily, you can find clarification in yourself.

Most of us go at a thousand miles per hour, without thought as to our ultimate goals. This is how meditation can be useful in career planning.

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Meditation decreases stress

One of the biggest problems we can have is to have too many questions to answer, and too much contemplation about the endless options for which direction to proceed.

With meditation, you can start to calm down the noise in your head. The point of meditation is to clear your mind. This will typically have a positive impact on lowering your stress levels.

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless youre too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” — Zen Proverb

The more you slow down and sit with yourself in silence, the more answers will come to you.

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Meditation opens your mind to being more creative

Sometimes we get stuck on one plan and if that plan falls through, we’ve feel we’ve failed.

However, there are a thousand ways to accomplish goals. What you may believe is the only way to get from Point A to Point B, could have hundreds of otherways to achieve a goal, and maybe an even better path than your plan.

Again, being in your brain and forcing to make certain things happen can backfire on you. If you try sitting and breathing, and letting go of your plan, and instead invite other answers. You’d be surprised what you come up with. You may find that there’s a better and easier way to get to Point B.

When you’re using meditation for a career change, it’s especially helpful when you’re stuck on what you want to do.

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Meditation reveals your values and interests

You may already know what you’re interested in and what you value. But, you may not know how to apply those aspects to using them in a new career.

And you aren’t ready to move into a new career until you sort through the things you love and don’t love.

What if you’re more eclectic and have too many ideas and interests that you’d love to explore for a different career? This is the time where you need to sit with yourself and empty your mind. You may have that one interest that rises to the top and helps motivate you towards change. If you don’t still your mind, you can’t get to the place where you’re able to give your own answers to your questions.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
– Arthur Ashe

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Meditation helps you find meaning in life

There’s more to life than working, even if you love your job. All work and no play creates burnout. Working at a job that’s unfulfilling is like burning the candles at both ends. Meditation gives you a moment to stop and live in the present.

Your mind shifts when you live in the present (rather than in the past or future). You start to appreciate what’s in your life. You create less self-worry and more calmness. You become happier, even if you’re not in a happy situation. Your head is clearer, and you can “see” life in a way you’ve never envisioned before.

Meditation is your way to give self-care, and all you need is…nothing, except a few moments. Everything else you already have with you; your mind, your breath, and your willingness to create space for yourself.

When you have a moment each day, give yourself some time to sit and count your breaths.

Most importantly, take life one step at a time and enjoy the journey.

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Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago

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