When Your Man is ‘The Lover’

Here’s how a man expresses his Lover Archetype and what it means for you in your relationship

I recently met an elderly man who was a Lover Archetype. He was married for 69 years to his wife, whom he called his “bride”. Throughout their marriage, he did little things like bring her flowers, called her pet names, and showed his affection by holding hands or with hugs and kisses with his wife. He was this way with everything around him too. He was full of life and connected with people who felt a sense of warmth and kindness from him.

Meeting and having a Lover Archetype Male in your life can change how you see love as an action rather than a feeling. If you’ve been in a relationship with this type of man, you’ve experiences his ability to heal the deepest parts of you in learning to love again.

The Lover

His heart is on his sleeve, he falls in love with kittens, babies, and life. His sentimentality is beyond adorable, and his open heart lets others in without a care. Even if his soul gets hurt by someone he cares about, his heart remains open, loving and kind, and he continues to give his love to that person, regardless of their actions to him. Nothing can take his love for the world away from him, because his love is unconditional and doesn’t rely on others loving him back.

Essence of The Lover

Love as an action

Core Desire

To express love. To explore the depth and meaning of relationships.


To show others they’re loved for who they are and show them how to love themselves.


He is extremely emotional, but depending on his personality, he will express it as ups and downs, or he will seem outwardly balanced. Inside, he is emotional and sentimental about life.

The Lover recognizes and appreciates the little things in life.

He will express love in ways that make the receiver feel wonderful about herself and the relationship.

He provides a sense of safety because of the positive way he approaches life and his relationships

The Lover is sexually open, comforting and willing. He lets you experiment with him and makes you feel comfortable with your body.

He’s very tactile, wanting to experience all of life through his senses.

The Lover might jump from one relationship to the next without any time between for himself or recovery, until he finds the one who he considers the love of his life.

The Open and Balanced Lover

This male archetype is the most beautiful and healing of all the archetypes. The Lover Archetype desires, creates romance, and lets his heart fall in love. Even if the love is imperfect, he accepts that as a part of life. He will create a loving relationship with the person he chooses and to express his love for his partner. His love isn’t based on what people can give to him, but rather the other way around.

Let the Lover into your life and see how it will change your perspective of love in a partnership!

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Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago

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