You and The Lover Archetype

How to be loved by a man who knows everything about love

You and The Lover

When you connect with a man who’s a Lover Archetype, you are connecting with him to bring the essence of love back into your life. You want a loving relationship, to feel special, desirable, and wanted. Each of us may go through a point in our life where we feel unloved and unwanted. This can happen when we go through divorce or other breakup, are neglected in our current relationship, or have been alone for too long and desire intimacy.

The Lover opens you up to the type of love you can’t get from your friends or family. He makes you feel feminine and desirable. He is a stone on the path to your healing, and he may even be the last step you take into your next relationship.

Here is a small part of how the The Lover interacts with you.

Challenges with The Lover Archetype’s life

Love can be as addictive as any drug, and The Lover’s challenge is being addicted to the thrill and pursuit of the love chase. If he’s not able to go beyond the romantic stage of a relationship, then this can look like serial monogamy, cheating, or polyamory. The challenge is The Lover finding that woman whom he can be completely intimate with and go beyond the passion, ride out the daily ups and downs of a relationship and work towards true love and commitment.

“I was closed off in my heart and a little jaded to the dating scene. But then he came along and swept me off my feet. He showed me how to be a desirable woman again.”

Why would you be attracted to The Lover?

You feel alone, undesirable, wanting to connect with someone who appreciates your femininity and womanliness. You’re ready to be intimate again. You are vulnerable.

What are you looking to fulfill within yourself?

To be loved and fully appreciated for you, to get into touch again with your feminine essence.

Interactions with The Lover


Sometimes you will never meet The Lover in person, especially if you’re online dating. That’s because some Lover Archetypes will be satisfied only with this interaction. They will be able to make you fall in love with them even though you’ve never seen them. If you carry the dating to face-to-face interaction, you can expect cliche’ candlelit dinners, holding hands and looking intensely into each other’s eyes. Conversations will be intimate and serious. He will be fine with PDA (public displays of affection). Think Romance! The sexual and emotional connection is the most important for this archetype.


Passion, passion, passion! Hot kisses. Electrifying touch. Overwhelming emotions washing over you and the feeling of freedom with This Lover archetype. The emotional intensity is at times overwhelming. His touch, kisses, caresses, and when he enters you, will fill you with an intensity that can bring tears of joy to your eyes. After sex, he will wrap you in his arms and tell you how beautiful you are.


Wow. Just wow. He may continue to take his desire for you to a higher level, creating a love that is unsurpassed. His love is be unconditional and nonjudgmental and he loves you despite your flaws, he loves the whole you. Love is more than romance and sex. If your Lover is able to move past the passion, and you will develop a bond notwithstanding.

When you meet and connect with a man who is a Lover, dive in and become his muse. He will show you how to love again. And we all can use a little more of that.

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Advocate for Women / Editor of The Virago

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