Me and my husband in Bend, OR before COVID and before we got married ❤

I’ve been blogging for over 3 years on Medium. My only other experience is my lifetime of journal writings, which you can find on my publication Up Close and Personal.

I’m the owner of The Virago, a women’s publication I started in June, 2020 with a group of fantastic women…

“Never hitting me” was one excuse for staying

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I don’t talk much about my second marriage. It’s because I don’t think much about that man, nor do I have anything, such as children, that keeps me bonded to him.

However, the abuse I received from him was as devastating as my first marriage. Maybe even more so, since…

As a mother of an adult woman, all I could think about was that she was dead

My daughter, Sierra, with my son in the background. Photo: courtesy of Facebook

My daughter, Sierra, is 32 years old. She’s a beautiful, successful young woman with a huge heart.

Sierra got married this year and has been struggling with some relationship problems. …

Hint: It’s all about the patriarchy

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As a female who writes about women’s struggles and self-empowerment, there will come a time when someone — usually a man — makes a comment to deny our ideas as false, label us as a toxic feminist, or criticize our existence.

But, this isn’t just about a man trying to…

It took months to overcome my desire to return to an abusive relationship

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I am only giving my opinions and my experiences in this article. I am not a mental health therapist, and I recognize that how I freed myself from abuse is not necessarily the same steps other domestic violence women should take. …

Don’t let others define your self-worth

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I want everyone to know I’m a Goddess.

I am beautiful, loving, and sexy.

I love my hair, my eyes, my lips, my neck, my hands, my breasts, and my vagina.

I am creative, kind, and talented. I can dive deep into the essence of life.

I am also intelligent…

The new “how to” for dehumanizing women in America

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As Texas has passed the controversial law to ban abortions after six weeks, without exceptions for rape or incest, other states have a new avenue to up their game and follow suit.

Guess which state has immediately jumped on the bandwagon?

That’s right, it’s Florida.

The frontrunner in unconscionable rhetoric…

I have answers

Photo by Doğukan Şahin on Unsplash

Whenever the topic of women’s oppression comes to the surface, men go on the rampage to ensure their rights stay intact. Suddenly it’s a national crisis if there’s a suggestion that men adhere to the same standards as applied to women.

I was recently in a group discussion (primarily men)…

And it’s going to get much worse

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Since the Texas Heartbeat Bill passed in the State of Texas, we women are reeling over the constitutional right to have a choice over our bodies being taken away from us.

This constitutional right is new for us. Only a hundred years ago, not only did women not have the…

Even when I’m supposed to be having fun

Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

I didn’t want to play the game with everyone. I knew it was a bonding experience with no judgment, but still. I grew anxious and upset the closer the time came to play a group game of cornhole.

My husband and I went over to my brother-in-law’s house, joined with…

Michelle Jaqua

Advocate for Women / Owner of The Virago

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